Hi @Ben_Vrackie

For my low-top hiking shoes I use approach shoes, because they fit just like a running shoe/sneaker, but have the same rubber as climbing shoes, which means they are super grippy. They are also very light and have good tread on the ground.

Here is an article I like about why approach shoes can be more ideal in certain situations than hiking boots/shoes. Here is another article I like that compares approach shoes, trail running shoes (these are also a great option for hiking shoes), and hiking boots.

The downside of approach shoes is that, although they are lighter than hiking shoes/boots, they tend to still be heavier than many trail running shoes. Thus, if you're looking for a super light option that still has good grip, large tread, a comfortable fit, and versatility, I'd suggest looking into trail running shoes as your go-to hiking shoe.

La Sportiva is my favorite approach shoe brand, but there are many other great brands as well, such as Arc'teryx, Black Diamond, Five Ten, and Scarpa. REI sells a couple of approach shoes by these brands, as well as a couple of other brands.

Personally, my go-to trail shoe is the La Sportiva TX Guide (approach shoe), but I have several other shoes that I will wear for hiking, including La Sportiva's Busido II trail running shoe. The La Sportiva TX3 that you mentioned is also a great, high-performance approach shoe.

Hope this helps!



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