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Thank you, @hikermor,

I agree with you that full-on mountaineering crampons are not necessary for the 1-2 miles at the top of the canyon that we 'might' experience.  I had considered renting them as another suggested; however, I guess I am worried that they might run out by the time I get there.  Although, I suspect there aren't many people hiking the canyon in January as say summertime.  A friend of mine just hiked these canyon trails on Thanksgiving day, and he specified how terrified he and his crew were on account of falling down these icy cliffs.  Something about there isn't much wiggle room, so I'm not sure what to believe as the pictures above show something entirely different.  Plus, like you said, the path might be more clear on account of the pack mules.  Have you hiked there yourself?  Just curious.  For now, cheers!