We had a friend who knew all the fun trails around the NW including Mount Rainier.  Sometimes they'd even be in-city hikes.  Every Tuesday or Wednesday he would send out a group email to every single person he knew who likes to hike (probably 30 or more people).  He'd say what the hike was going to be, what time and where to meet, and any other necessary details.  He did this all winter for cross country skiing, too.  He say, RSVP if you're coming.  Sometimes there would be 2 or 3 people, sometimes there would be 15.  If no one responded, he'd just go on his own.  What a great friend to have.  He was our social director.   He brought so many diverse people together who normally wouldn't have known each other.  Always a fun time.  Unfortunately he's not here any more.  Someone in the email group needs to pick up the slack...I know it could be me : )  Just gotta do it.