@Philreedshikes Hi Phil.

I appreciate your reply. 

I will be posting a new conversation this week about my section-hiking "technique".  It did not allow me to get involved with the social part (as you'll see in that post).

Also, I am so focused on hiking and taking pictures/videos, I'd not have time for the part you mentioned.  

Speaking of pictures: I will look at your channel.  Mine is Ken Brenner.  On it, I have a playlist called "Hiking the AT - Ken Brenner".  In that, you will see 14 videos showing the trail I've walked and seen from Georgia to Harper's Ferry, WV.  I have 8 for Virginia: 1 for Mt. Rogers area, 1 for SW Virginia, 3 for Central VA, 2 for Shenandoah National Park, 1 for northern VA.   I'd enjoy your comments regarding what sections of VA you've done and compare notes.