Hi folks,

What are your favorite hiking apps? I’ve been pretty happy with Gaia for tracking my hikes and accessing trail maps (and it seems more accurate than Runkeeper, which I was using previously). But I recently saw someone’s hike on a Relive video and I did like the 3D flyover and photos. Unfortunately Gaia isn’t one of their partners. I’d love to hear what you’re using!



A lot of the field staff where I work use Avenza Maps. We use the pair "Pro" version, but the free version is still excellent.  It allows a fully offline map interface, and it appears that all of the USGS topo quads and a good number of National Parks maps are available for free.  witht he paid version, we can also upload our own PDF maps, as well as record and share GPS points on any map to share with other users. 


My go to is TrailrunProject, HikingProject, and MTBProject. REI recently (a year ago, maybe more) took them over and they have a lot of great info on them. As the data is crowdsourced, you get the best info on current conditions, trailhead parking, and distance. Being able to download them for off-line use is also a huge plus. I use all three because sometimes the running one vs. the MTB one will have different trails in a given area. Good luck and have fun!

I second this recommendation! I like the offline capability and the terrain profile map.


We recently used Alltrails.  Showed us where we were in the hike (like not quite half way).  It was better than the old paper map.

I like it, too



I haven't tried many out myself, but I have heard good things about REI's trail app from other people. I lost the trail in Grand Staircase-Escalante last year, but a family nearby was using the REI app and got us back to where we needed to be.


ill second Hiking Project, it's free and works very well. The app used in tandem with a map and compass is all i need. 



Wise to catry the map and compass in addition to the phone App. Just finished D. Dauphinee’s book “When You Find My Body” that is about the disappearance of Geraldine Largay “Inchworm “.  Lack of maps, a good compass and the skills to use both contributed to her untimely demise 

Another vote for Alltrails... a strong user community, good offline map options, and easy to use. I’m going to have to try a few of these others too though!