Haven't experienced the snow and ice at the grand canyon but I'd say the Katoola hiking crampons  and the KTS steel crampons are overkill.  You will be on trails with occasional icy snow rather and long or steep snow traverses I suspect.

Trekking poles are essential in my view but Katoola microspikes or the similar but slightly better Hillsound trail crampons  are easy to carry and easy to take on and off plus you can keep them on over dirt and rocks for short distances.  We used these in the Sierras last year hiking over various snowy traverses.  They are most useful for ascending, descending or traversing slight to  moderate inclines when the snow is icy.  They work but are less useful as the snow becomes slushy. 

They are not appropriate for traversing steep inclines as they can slip around the side of the shoe or so I have been reliably informed but it seems unlikely you will encounter anything of that sort.

They can be worn with trail runners but are more comfortable with stiffer shoes or boots.  If wearing trial runners one or the other might be more comfortable.  My friend had trouble with the katoola microspikes but liked the hillsound trail crampons with her trail runners.