Hi MissTina @MissTina , I vote for the "hiking crampons" @REI-JohnJ linked to, there a quite a few 'traction ' devices on that page.

I personally use the kahtoola micro spikes on that particular section, when 100% ice and they worked great. 

I also think that any longer spikes become dangerous for the casual hiker, because they can dig into the ice if you're not expecting it, a could cause a person to trip. You can't walk 'as casual' as with shorter micro spikes.

I can almost guarantee one thing, have your video camera ready to go, to film folks trying to walk on the ice in running shoes or street shoes, while trying to avoid the edge.

That said, you're wise to think about this. 

Ps - the shorter traction devices are what they sell at the Bright Angel gift shop at the top of this section, so I guess that's all the rangers think you'll ever need.

Now some photos of this situation 🙂 Good luck and enjoy the trip!

(btw, these pix are from a March trip)


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