Both replies so far have been spot on. I can't help based upon your personalized needs, but I was in a similar situation for an August trip. I brought along my Altra Timp 1.5's and Oboz Sawtooth (non-insulated) boot. I wore the boot for our long hike days since I was carrying a pack and my feet really like sturdy structure, but I think the Altra's (or any good trail running shoe) would work well. 

Depending on where you are coming from (Mid West here), Intermediate trails out there are nowhere near Intermediate where I am. Intermediate trails are almost boring in the MW for me, but Int out there was quite a challenge. Not just because of altitude, but slope, rockiness, and climbing. So I would pick a shoe that you feel comfortable in with the perspective of being able to handle a lot of rock and hard surfaces with inclines and declines. For me, that was my more sturdy boot.