Hi -- Hope you all are doing ok. I need some advice about my new hiking poles, a pair of Black Diamond Women's Trail Pro Shock poles. I have set them up, following the enclosed directions. I'm familiar with the "flicklock" on the upper shaft, since it is similar to the locks on my current pair (an older model of the Black Diamond women's shock poles). However, the "smashlock" on the lower shaft is different/ new to me. After I have extended the poles, and I've heard the lower shaft click into its locked position, the lower shaft still rotates freely. Is the lower shaft supposed to rotate freely, after the poles have been set in their extended positions? In other words, they are not slipping vertically, b/c the fliplock and the smashlock are in place, but the lower shaft spins (easily, freely). I'm concerned that will result in slippage when I'm using the poles on the trail. Is this the way the poles are meant to be? If it is a purposeful feature, have you had any reports of problems resulting from the lower shaft rotating? To summarize: I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be tightening the upper fliplock, to stop this lower rotation (or if I just received a dud pair)? I've watched an videos I can locate, and haven't found any information. Thank you for your help.


Greetings @forestbeing 

I can confirm that the BD Trail Pro Shock poles do indeed have a lower pole section that will rotate or spin once it is clicked and engaged. I work in our retail stores and have not had any issues with customers poles slipping or failing. You can hit the trail confidently and enjoy those new poles! 

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@REI-BryanV Thank you for your help! That's what I suspected, about these poles, but now I feel more confident about it. I appreciate your assistance. 🙂