In a blizzard i need a gore shell that has a hood thats not made for a helmut 

that closes and stays tight with some brim type protection

ive spent thousands on these bull**bleep** arcteryx alpha shells that are nice til the wind is 40 knots and the hoods wont stay on 

please help


@Yo sorry to hear your frustration with the hoods on your jackets. Do the jackets you own currently have 3 places to tighten the hoods, one on either side of your face and one at the back? Often using all 3 cinch spots can help create a very snug fit around your face.

What kinds of activities do you use your jacket for? Are you skiing? Hiking? Mountaineering? Around town? These answers will help us provide more refined suggestions as we'll know what features are/aren't important. With that said, here are a few jacket suggestions that use GORE-TEX as their waterproofing (albeit different types) and have a 3-way cinch system on the hood to create a snug fit around your face:

Hope this helps and let us know if you have more questions!

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Old post, but I feel this guy's pain.  I've not been able to find a good 3 layer 'non-helmet compatible' shell that doesn't have a giant hood.   There really should be 2 options, one for helmet and one without helmet.   To adjust even the most adjustable hoods, it ends up being crinkled down (odd looking, somewhat uncomfortable, and to his point not sealed as well).   

Most if not all of your options above are actually 'helmet compatible'...   If you know of a 3 layer Gore-Tex (or similar DWR) shell that has a normal hood, please let me know.   Would greatly appreciate it.

Thx, bp