OH MY GOSH. I just got done with a 6 week leg rest due to a stress fracture caused by not taking resting when it was just shin splints. It was horrible. I went from running 20+ miles each Saturday (not to mention three runs on weekdays and riding my bike to the climbing gym the other two days of the week). So what I'm saying is... I feel your pain.

I didn't want to lose all my cardio, and I read that even biking can cause problems with stress fractures in the shin.... so I turned to swimming and it helped a ton. Luckily I have a great rec-center close by, so I paid for a month and went there instead of on my runs. I even went to the adult "swim team" practices early Saturday mornings. This really helped me fill the gap, and it was fun and new since I haven't swam in over a decade. I also tried aqua-jogging to keep up cardio fitness, and sometimes did a 50/50 workout of aqua-jogging and swimming to mix it up. I also go to a climbing gym, so I just drove instead of biking there (I tried the bike once, and the 7mi RT with hills caused pain). Climbing didn't seem to bother my injury. 

Anyways, basically I'm saying I found something healthy that didn't hurt my injury, and could fill the gap. I hope you can find something else you love to do, and heal quickly!!