There is a very recent Co-op Journal article on this very same subject.  The Grand Canyon NPS web site also has lots of good info and is updated regularly.

You would probably descend the North Kaibab to phantom, which is no problem.  The trail is excellent, but it is all downhill, which means your legs are going to take a beating unless you have trained for this eventuality.  A night at Phantom is a good idea.

Going to the South Rim, yu can choose the bright Angel or the South Kaibab.  the SK is shorter, but is straight up and unrelenting.  Most wisely choose the BA which has water along the way (there is none on the SR).

It will help to be in excellent shape.  October is generally an excellent time for the Canyon, but itwill be warm in the Inner Canyon.  A full wide brmmed hat is a good idea, ideally one which can be soaked to keep you cool..


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