Hey there, and welcome! 

 While theres never a problem with spending your time in the outdoors during hunting season, REI does not sell hunting or fishing gear, nor "sports" gear in general. Nothing with a club, bat or ball!  However REI does sell outdoor gear to get you exploring your favorite places! While some brands the company carries might have something suited to your needs, it just might not be an item that is carried in stores. Feel free to check online as there is often more choice than a local store.

Also, orange is NOT the new green, and while fashion isn't the reason to go outdoors it is the reason for sales. So the color you need might not be in stores because of a lack of want from outdoor goers! 

 Best of luck in finding what you need! 

Also, if you aren't yet, signing up as a member is always an amazing idea! Dividends each calendar year, no receipts necessary for easy returns up to one year (minus GPS items), check it out!