I have attached to the shoulder strap of my hydration pack (a 2L Teton Oasis 1100) a Rothco lightweight MOLLE water bottle carrier that holds a 20oz SS water bottle filled with GatorAde (I like Fierce Grape).

That gives me 2L + 20oz of hydration capacity that includes sodium, sugars and electrolytes.

I actually have two of the Rothcos plus two of the 20oz SS water bottles , so if I ever felt the need, I could double up on the 20ozs of liquid.

Now, some people, instead of carrying two different hydration liquids in separate containers, like I do, simply create a mix for the hydration pack.  It's doable, but leads to extra maintenance for the hydration bladder because you need to be diligent about cleaning the sugars out of the bladder or you'll have sanitation issues.  So, I carry only water in the hydration bladder.  Also, I happen to dislike the taste of diluted GatorAde.

Here's another thing.  If hiking under desert conditions (where hyponatremia is a particular concern), I have experienced my hydration supply becoming warm from the ambient air temperature.  Warm water is not exactly refreshing, but tolerable.  OTOH, warm, dilute GatorAde is pretty disgusting to have to drink.

Here's one more thing.

High sodium foods may not be particularly healthy to eat under normal conditions, but under conditions requiring physical exertion outdoors, high sodium is not necessarily bad.   And most freeze-dried backpacking meals are very high in sodium.  So are many other campground "staples" such as Spam, etc.