Hi, I’m not necessarily looking for a hiking partner, but I could be open to trying out a hike or two with you.  🙂

I’m a mid-40s woman hiker/backpacker who also prefers very low-traffic trails and some solitude. I do pause for photos/video sometimes and I don’t like to rush, especially when I’m trying to “take it all in” at particularly beautiful locales. 

I’m currently less fit and healthy than I usually am, but I’ve been hitting the trail the last few weeks and can do at least 6 miles without trouble. I’m probably less experienced, but I’m always happy to learn new things from folks with more experience.

I seem to be in your general area because some of my favorite trails are up on Mount Adams and in various parts of Gifford Pinchot NF/Mount St Helens.

Let me know what you think.