Similar story here.  I have been quite active, hiking, bike commuting, etc.  I had been othered with occasional, intermittent dizzy spells and I was planning to mention this with my primary care MD.  The day before my appointment i had a much more prolonged dizziness.  He listened to my chest and set me immediately to a cardiologist.  He checked me and immediately recommended an aortic valve replacement.  I later learned that he considered immediate hospitalization.  

The procedure was scheduled and performed with good results.  I learned that I was born with a two flap valve, instead of the usual three flapper and that lifestyle, habits, etc. had nothing to do with it.  Its heredity, although they checked my arteries while they had me open - "clear as a bell" was the word.  Recovery was fairly normal and I resumed normal activities.  Th operation occurred in 2010.  Life has been pretty good ever since.  Without the op, I would have passed from congestive hear failure in less than three years.

Heredity is important - choose your parents wisely but follow guidelines and a lifestyle that encourages health - no smoking, drink in moderation, exercise, cut back on red meat in favor of green veggies, etc.

It's a good idea to wear your seat belt.....

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