Just one caveat to what @hikermor said.  While magnetic north has historically moved very slowly, about 15 km per year, in the last 2 decades that speed has greatly increased to between 50 and 60 km per year.  The layman's version of the article can be found here.  There are also lots of other references to it if you google.  What this means is that the annual offset listed on your map may be wrong depending on when the map was published.  A couple of calculators are available on the web for determining declination based on the current World Magnetic Model.  The one put out by NOAA can be found here.

But I agree totally with @Former community member that the best way to stay found is to be present in the moment and pay attention to what is going on around you.  Lose the need to be plugged in at all times and instead, enjoy the birds, insects, moving water, falling rocks, and calls of the animals.  And don't forget the scenery.

The book that I have found really useful is "The Essential Wilderness Navigator: How to find your way in the great outdoors" by David Seidman and put out by Ragged Mountain Press.  Its short, good explanations and lots of diagrams.

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