@hikermor alludes to the second most important skill: Matching landforms to map depictions. Keep the map close to reinforce this skill.

I have highly developed map and compass skills and can teach them. I can recall having to use them together as a necessity one time. This is primarily because I travel in country that has recognizable features that are somewhat easy to see while you are moving around.

If I lived or traveled in a dense forest, I would have to use some of my more highly developed skills that I am less practiced in, like maintaining a bearing. I would probably carry an altimeter then.

I stopped carrying my Silva Ranger compass many years ago. I can use my phone as a primitive compass and that serves me nowadays for where I travel.

I typically spend hours researching the area I'm going to be visiting, including looking at satellite pictures and Google Earth depictions. I usually have a pretty good feel for where I am going before I get there. Might be a good idea for others to consider as well.