I have mentored quite a few of my companions in land navigation skills. In my experience, most problems in land navigation come about from over reliance on resources held in pockets.

No matter how accurate, maps may not reflect what is happening on the ground today. Oftentimes map users will misinterpret their maps and make decisions based on their misinterpretations. I have found many online resources to be inaccurate in describing if a trail exists currently or its location. AllTrails is notably suspect.

Let me get to the point: The most important skill in land navigation is a continuing chain of present day awareness of your surroundings. That's also the most difficult to accomplish for most distracted people these days.

I don't recommend listening to engrossing podcasts while you are walking in terrain you are unfamiliar with. Keep looking behind you to see what it looks like from the other direction. Have an awareness of what your walking rate is and what time of day it is.

The most immersive 3D experience I can imagine is being the primary navigator and leader through off-trail terrain that I have never navigated in before. Thrilling.

In review, the most important skill in land navigation is increasing your awareness of your surroundings. Good luck.