When I got my new pack a few years back, to fit my new lightweight "stuff", I did a lot of research.  Two things crystalized out of that.  Buy local, with a store you trust.  *cough REI cough*.  And bring all the stuff you expect to carry in it.  Even fake up a food bag and water.  Those two things made a world of difference in the pack I chose.  I ended up with a pack that carried all my stuff, with just a little room left over for things I probably (and did) forgot.  I know someone's going to ask me what I got.  Might have to wait.  Just moved, and I'm not real sure where it is.  It's downstairs in The Bunker (nice big cellar) in box O01 (where most of my outdoor gear is.  Found the box, but haven't had time to unpack it yet.  Soon.....  😊

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