I use the Sawyer Squeeze, and carry (3) one quart bags. I also have the Mini, but the Squeeze is a lot faster for a bit more weight and bulk. I've heard a lot of people complain about the bags busting, and they do, but they weigh next to nothing so carrying empty bags isn't a biggie. I've busted two in the last 8(?) years, so it's not that often. On my last trip, I dropped my soft bottle and poked a hole in it, so I pressed an unused Sawyer bag into service as a bottle, and then later in the trip managed to bust my "dirty water" bag, so I was glad I had the spares.  I carry either a one liter soft bottle or one liter Nalgene to drink from. Despite the weight, I can get the Nalgene in and out of the side pocket of my pack easily, where I have to fight with the soft bottle to get it in.

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