@timskrbelieve you've already gotten some great responses/suggestions from members of our community - we'll weigh in with just a few other things to consider:

  • As @aimc444 suggests, are you willing to consider different shoes/boots for the cold, wet weather, namely ones that are waterproof? If you know you're going to be in winter snowy conditions, we do not recommend venturing out with shoes that won't provide protection from the wet and cold.
  • If you are accepting that water is going to be in your shoes/boots, the SealSkinz socks that @PatrickB mentioned are an option for keeping your feet dry in wet surroundings - these are typically a bit bulkier than regular socks so you'll want to account for additional tightness and possible chafing inside your shoes.
  • No matter what, as @hikermor suggests, you'll definitely want to take an extra set of socks with you - it can be pretty risky to allow your feet to remain wet and cold for extended periods of time - maybe even considering bringing an extra pair of shoes?
  • We have an article on how to prevent blisters - much is about eliminating moisture but also about eliminating movement of the sock material next to your foot - you could consider a double-layered sock or adding a liner sock for this reason.
  • And finally, avoid cotton socks (which it sounds like you already know!) - we do recommend wool for cold and wet conditions, although we don't recommend relying on a sock alone to keep your foot warm and dry in cold/wet/snowy conditions.

Hope this helps - let us know if you have additional questions!

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