I don't use BaseCamp since I have found it to be rather lacking. I have been using ExpertGPS to download my tracks. It makes corrections for elevation gain/loss.  It costs a nominal amount to purchase initially, and you can subscribe to it annually and get updates.

As for AllTrails and private property, that is one of the issues I've seen with it, and also not listing trails that are closed. Plenty of people have gotten into trouble following an AllTrails hike onto private or otherwise off limits property.

Here in Colorado, the state DNR created their own app call COTREX (COlorado TRails EXplorer). It's a free app and associated website which only has official, sanctioned trails. Users can submit information about a trail, but the app doesn't get updated until the land manager for that trail confirms the information. If covers all public lands in the state (Federal, state, county and local) and also trails on private lands that are open to the public.  It's a model that other states should follow.