Hey @Ari my recommendation for a great sleeping pad would be anything from Therma-rest. I personally have tried their trail scout (the regular size weighs 22 ounces, is a self inflating foam matt, and comes with a nice stuff sack.) I have used it for two and a half years now and it is very comfortable, it quickly self inflates (with that in mind remember you still need to give it two or three breaths afterwords), and the build quality is amazing. I know others who use other therma-rest pads but the trail scout is a more budget friendly option by a good brand. I would also like to mention you may want to consider your pillow options as their is the possibility to bring a lightweight one from home, camping pillows that come in a stuff sack, and inflatable pillows. I have tried a sea- to - summit inflatable pillow and it is a constant struggle for me to find the right level of comfort with it. I still use it though, as I often forget my regular pillow when car camping.  It is very lightweight and doesn't take up much room in the backpack either. 

As for sleeping bags you probably want to look for something by a well known brand that will stand by it's product. As other's mentioned a 20 degree bag is a decent bag for a wide variety of temps. You will definitely want down if you are aiming to travel light, but keep in mind it doesn't hold up well to moisture. There are alot of different types of bags; mummy, rectangular, quilts, etc. Down quilts are great because you can use them as a sleeping bag on cold nights and undo them into a quilt, allowing more airflow on hotter nights. 

hope this helps