Marc’s Monsoon Mystery Mesquite, Walnut & Raisin Bread.

Now….. Who’s your trail buddy?





I like to get a bunch of different nuts and mix them in a freezer bag...longer trips...bigger bags 🙂 

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You can make your own squeeze/to-go apple sauce snacks for a quick sugar pick-me-up by getting those re-usable twist-cap pouches (Technically they are baby food pouches...: https://hippypotamus.shop/collections/reusable-pouches/products/reusable-baby-food-pouches ) I love those apple sauce pouches for when you hit a wall, but I feel guilty about how much plastic waste they produce, plus they are way more expensive than buying a jar of applesauce from the grocery store.  So far no leakage!

Unsalted peanuts in the shell.

Seaweed snacks are weirdly delicious on the trail.  I think it might have something to do with the mineral content and the fact that they are a little bit like having a salad.

I usually have way more snacks then I need but there are always ProBar Bolt energy chews in there for me. I used to alway pack fruit leather, and these little bots (or cliffbar's version) are a less sticky version.


I think trail snacks are very personal to one's tastes. For long hikes (20+ miles), I gravitated toward dried mango, potato chips (salt!), beef jerky, chocolate covered raisins/nuts, nuun beverages.