Looking for different ideas on easy trail snacks. I usually stick to protein bars and bananas and would like to mix it up a bit!

The cookbook Feed Zone Portables has some great ideas. Depending upon how long I'm planning to hike/run/climb, etc., I try to include as much fresh, whole food as possible. I have to confess, though, that Skratch Labs' matcha green tea & lemon sport chews somehow always find thier way into my pack -- just love 'em!

I love the Feed Zone books too. My go-to from that book is mixing rice and egg in a pan. So easy, fast, and delicious on a trail.



Marc’s Monsoon Madness Mesquite Cookies. 

In Southern Arizona, there are regional annual Mesquite festivals, where folks will bring in their Mesquite Pods to be husked, beans ground and bagged, ready for the kitchen.

Mesquite trees in Southern Arizona are as plentiful as Conifer trees are to the Cascade Mountains. 


yes please!

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Besides having a unique nutty flavor, mesquite bean flour is gluten-free, high in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, protein, fiber, and is rich in the amino acid lysine.



@Ammie Sunflower seeds!  They are lightweight and packable.  The seeds also provide a good way to "pass the time" on the trail over the course of a few hours in between meals.  For me, they allow me to take my mind off the more grueling portions of the hike and allow me to really appreciate the environment.

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I've always liked banana chips... the potassium of bananas, the crunch of potato chips. And they survive well in my pack!

Also, most of the "healthy" cereals (granolas, etc) work pretty well.


banana chips!! good one!....back to the store


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I've never considered packing banana chips but that makes so much sense. I will try that next time. Well, after I get some dehydrated 🙂