I don’t want to start any drama or bring on bad karma for people. I know this will probably be a sore subject for people.

So, first, I want to say that I downloaded the Guthooks app and opened the free demo for the AT. I tapped on every campsite icon and read their comments. A couple people had to tango with some bears. That got me curious if anyone carries a gun or other type of weapon with them to ward off these animals.

I know that if you don’t give them a reason to come, like some careless person that forgets to hang their food in a tree, that they will generally leave you alone.

Aside from that, I love wildlife and think it would be a pretty good pic to add to your photo album, if you happen to see one.

What are your thoughts on carrying weapons? Do most parks and forestry services allow it?

I know most parks will allow you to have it, either conceal carry or if carried in a case, ammo and gun has to be separate.

Sorry if this came across the wrong way to some people.