I'm looking for suggestions on gear for a hike I'm doing to celebrate my five-year mark from bladder cancer while fundraising for children's cancer research. I am 55 and survived a 40 gram bladder tumor I decided that I was finally in condition enough to hike every public beach in Oregon all 262 miles as a celebration of this accomplishment, since I will be filming with drones and other cameras I felt that September was the perfect time to start this, since I haven't ever really purchased any packing or hiking equipment in years, I reach out to everyone to see what recommendations you could offer, I will be bunking down and moving around in an RV but walking everyone of these beaches in all different weather, thanks in advance for your ideas lets hear what you have to say, to make it work for questions to me lets start and end them with, from my toes to my nose with ideas.


Congrats on your five-year healthy milestone, here's to many more!  I used to live on the southern Oregon coast around Gold Beach, and wetness is a fact of life.  Drying your clothes in the RV may be a challenge, so you will need to figure out a good system for drying clothes within the RV to avoid musty smells or mildew.  I lived in an RV in Bend to ski at Mt. Bachelor, and it was challenging to dry my snow clothes.   I am sure you will figure it out.

When in Oregon, I went for a high end rain shell (Patagonia) with layers underneath (fleece or Smart wool long underwear).  That way when the sun comes out but the wind is still chilly, you can shed a layer.  Nice baggy rain pants are good.  I prefer baggy since it makes it easier to get them on and off with the friction from pants underneath, preferably with ankle zippers so you can leave your shoes on when you take off the rain pants when the rain or drizzle is past.

Lots of good smart wool socks to keep your toes warm even when your shoes are damp or wet.  I hope you have a great time, sounds like a great goal.

I would definitely reccomend grabbing a solid set of base layer clothes, then developing an effective layering system. Starting with the feet, I swear by wool socks (usually Darn Tough/Smartwool/REI Co-op brand). Similarily I am partial to wool or synthetic underwear (smartwool/Exoficio come to mind) with wool long johns for colder days. Wool is fantastic because it retains insulation when wet, and won't chafe or cause blisters like cotton in wet conditions. This is useful both for sweat and outside water, especially if you are all bundled up and don't have much ventilation. Similarily a wool or synthetic shirt is also super useful, and one that is a quarter zip offers some adjustment if you get too hot. For hats I reccomend a wool beanie and a trucker cap, as these options should cover you most days. In terms of pants, a good pair of quickdry pants can be great if you are in wet conditions, as these are easy to get dry, or a nice softshell pair of pants can be very comfortable as well. Rain pants are awesome and I would definitely reccomend some with zippers that go at least half way up the pants. Gaiters are also fantastic for keeping the mud and water out of your shoes. Shoes are a super personal desicion and choices range from the ultra-breathable non-waterproof trail runners that many thru-hikers swear by as they do get wet, but they dry quick. You can also go with more traditional waterproof shoes in the hopes that they won't let your feet get wet in the first place, but they do dry more slowly. Hope this sort of gives you an overview of some of your clothing options, but a good idea is to talk to people who have hiked in these conditions and ask what they use. REI's can be a great place to do this (not sponsored, they just generally have good employees).

Hope that helps!

"Not getting to the summit is not failure, it is an opportunity to go there again."
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First off, congratulations on the milestone and for the very fun and challenging goal you’ve set! I was born and raised in Oregon and have some experience on the coast. That is going to be a gorgeous adventure!

In addition to the very good base layer recommendations offered here, my first thought was about rainwear. My current favorite is the Outdoor Research Interstellar jacket. It’s super light, waterproof, has a bit of stretch, and importantly is far more breathable than most. I’d also recommend a good set of poles. I can personally recommend Black Diamond Distance Z and Leki Micro Vario Carbon, but there are many good choices out there. Enjoy!