Life saved on Mt Rainier

My son, Michael Knapinski, was miraculously saved from certain death this weekend after getting lost in a whiteout on Mt Rainier. Between the rescue crew, Harborview Hospital, and the latest medical procedures and equipment, he was rescued after literally being in the throes of death. 

We forgot one thing. Just a week before being rescued, Mike went to REI, and with the help of the sales people purchased a new jacket and ordered new boots from REI online. Mike spent 26 hours on the mountain in subzero temperatures. No doubt his new equipment was instrumental in keeping him warm enough to survive until he was rescued. His equipment was lost and/or destroyed, but he was not. Be safe, be prepared. Invest in the best equipment. 

Thanks to the salespeople that encouraged him to buy the best. The story is in the Seattle Times.

Ann and Dale Knapinski