How to measure my torso for pack fitting

I'm researching daypacks and REI has several excellent options. How do I measure my torso length to determine which size I need? Also, what is the primary difference between men's and women's daypacks?  


Hi @Cheryl_M  REI does have fitting information somewhere on their website.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend a visit for a fitting, it really helped me when I was looking at backpacks!

good luck!

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Hi @Cheryl_M  - excellent questions, and ones we get quite a bit actually!

First of all, check out this REI Expert Advice article on How to Size and Fit a Backpack.  Basically, you are measuring your torso length between your C7 vertebrae to your iliac crest. Grab a tape measure and a friend, and you'll figure out your torso length in no time; however, you can also head into your local REI  or set up a Virtual Outfitting Appointment  and we can talk you through the measurement, as well as offer some suggestions of packs that would work the best for your body and your activity.

As far as the difference between men's and women's packs, there are a few differences. First of all, women generally have shorter torsos and narrower shoulders/necks than men, so you will see that reflected in the shape and design. Also, there is generally more of an "s" curve to the shoulders of a women's-specific pack to fit our bodies and chests better. However, you don't HAVE to stick with a women's pack - it all depends on the shape of your body and your specific needs!

Hope this helps!

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