hmmm, a coupla observations here.

First, please consider a trip leaving the ipad at home and disconnecting for a bit.

I find that nature is best enjoyed when we can disconnect and get to point where we can concentrate on the present and not the FOMO, I mean, why are we outdoors in the first place? For me it's to be 'in nature' and to stop worrying about what's going on 'back there' for just a few days or hours, I know, but man, that's so hard to do.

During the entire 8 days of my recent trip to a remote wilderness, the members of my group were pulling out their phones at every rest stop and camp, searching for signals. big sigh...what's the point.

anyway, secondly, do you really need to carry 3 liters of water? YIKES! that's 6 extra pounds.  Are you hiking in a desert?  I understand that is sometimes necessary when hiking to a dry campsite, but that's extremely rare,  just a thought.

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