You can't go wrong with Smart Wool or Darn Tough socks! They're pricey but I've had a few pairs of both brands for 15+ years and they've all retained shape, softness, and cushion, and while they don't smell fantastic after multiple wears without washing, they also don't smell like, well, dirty socks. For fast-dry shirts Columbia makes some that are soft and fit well but are less expensive than a lot of other outdoor brands - but you can also get a running shirt from Target for half the price and in my experience those hold up just as well; they're just heavier and not as soft. Happy hiking! 

Sock liners are wonderful. 👍


For clothing:

I have multiple Columbia button shirts for hiking [ with SPF], and my new favorite is a long-sleeved Sun shirt. It's great to not have to remember to apply sunscreen all day long, and still maintain critical sun protection. Layering is the best way that I handle temperature changes and to keep pack weight low. I take 1 sun shirt [Columbia], 1 long sleeve button shirt [Columbia], 1 lightweight fleece [tag cut off, got on Ebay], 1 down puffy coat [Amazon brand], 1 rain jacket with pit zips [REI]. All of these can wick moisture and be layered as needed. I sleep in a "32 Degree" Brand lightweight thermal shirt + leggings set I bought at Costco for a steal many years ago. I keep that inside my sleeping bag so it stays clean and dry. However, if it ever got terribly cold in the day, I could layer those under my other layers.

I highly recommend the "32 Degree" brand clothing. It wicks moisture, is lightweight & very durable. Costco often has great deals on it.

Happy Hiking!

Go outside and play, kids!

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