@willHST  Thanks for reaching out!

There are a lot of options to help get your boot dialed in that last little bit and really have it dialed to your liking. @REI-AlexT gave you a couple of options, I'm going to add a few, and perhaps a couple of our other footwear experts like @REI-JuliE and @REI-PearlD can weigh in as well. Here are a couple other things to consider:

  • Have you thought/tried wearing a different sock on your right foot to adjust the spacing in the boot differently?
  • You can use a product like Moleskin or a Blister Kit to preemptively treat the hot spot before it starts (I have to do this on my right heel for many of the same reasons).
  • You can employ a different lacing technique in your boot to adjust the fit slightly. Check out this Expert Advice article, How to Lace Hiking Boots, to check out some ideas.

Lastly, and this is something that a lot of people don't think about, you can use all of the above ideas at different times on the trail. Your feet change shape throughout the day, particularly when you are hiking long distances. Your boots are unable to adapt similarly so you can suddenly find a hotspot developing when you're halfway into a long hike. Changing out socks, adding some blister protection, lacing your boots differently, or just taking a break to put your feet up (preferably in a cool stream if possible!) can all help keep you comfortable on the trail over many miles.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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