I bought a pair of La Sportiva Nucleo boots 2 weeks ago.  I've got 20 miles in them just hiking, and another 35 with a 30lb pack on.  I'm training for a 70 mile trip in middle September.  My pack weight is about 10 lbs light but I've been out at 9 plus miles on multiple days so the miles are similar to what my daily goal is.  I'm concerned.  I love these boots.  I have never felt as great a fit....on my left foot.  My right foot however is 1/2 size shorter but just imperceptibly wider.  It is not as comfortable.  In those 50 plus miles I do not have a blister...just a single hot spot on the right pinky toe....as I said, just imperceptible wider and hence tighter across that part of the toe box.  I have messed around with sock configurations.  a medium weight Darn Tough merino lightly cushioned sock, a light weight darn tough crew and alternatively an icebreaker light weight crew with both a Zenash compression sock or an Injinji compression sock.   All about the same.  Great fit left foot.  Cushioned but light and a good feel for the trail.  I love them....I don't want to return them as i think its my feet not the boot.  Do you have any suggestions I can try to help the fit in on my right foot?