@Hyengik Thank you for reaching out. I have a field repair story that might help. I have a pack that I love dearly, and on a recent excursion a mouse found its way to where my pack was hanging and made a hole in one of the mesh side pockets. I have pictures!20200715_092715.jpg20200715_092708.jpg

All I had on me at the time was Gear Aid Tenacious Tape, so I taped the outside and inside, leaving the hole open so that the two sides of tape could stick to each other. I know a lot of people who have had equal luck with tent patches. Unfortunately I lost the tape that I had on by the end of the trip because of heavy rain on the last day. When I got home, I re-taped the pocket and used Gear Aid Repair Adhesive to seal the edges of the tape and so far this has worked out very well for me. What I learned from this experience is that whatever repair you make needs to be weatherproof. If you use a patch or tape, find a waterproof adhesive that you can apply to prevent rain or humidity from weakening the strength of your repair. Best of luck in your repair and future adventures!

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