I brought “hooka W Toa GTX“ is that the right shoes for my pilgrimage over 650 km?
I may consider it as a second pair too. My pilgrimage would be the olavs way in Norway and it could be raining and have silk roads.

I am planning the trip next year in May or June for 35-40 days



@Sonny2004 just to confirm, did you select the Hoka One One Sky Toa GTX? A few thoughts:

  • The absolute most important thing is to make sure your choice in footwear fits your foot really well - you'll want to wear the shoes often prior to your departure to ensure they are comfortable and do not cause any hot spots
  • The shoes you picked, assuming they are the ones above, are well cushioned and designed for uneven terrain so as long as they fit you well, they should do well for the journey as you've described it
  • Finally, most running/hiking shoes last ~300-500 miles before they begin to break down - because of the distance of your pilgrimage, and the necessity to wear the shoes for some mileage before you actually begin, we'd recommend having 2 pairs that are equally broken in before you depart

We hope this helps!

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