I love my Keen Newport sandals and the wider toebox they have,  They are the shoes I wear most often because they pretty much alleviate some residual foot pain I sometimes experience.

Do the Targhee boots have the same size toebox as the Newport sandals?  The page above seems to indicate that.    I wear a size 11 for the sandals...should the boot be half-size bigger or the same?  I typically wear a midweight smartwool sock with my hiking boots.  Thanks for the guidance...these look like they may fit the bill, especially on foot comfort.

Thanks so much for looking into this for me.

Bill Scanlan


@BillScanlan thanks for reaching out! The quick answer is yes, the Keen Targhee will be similarly sized to the Keen Newport sandals. However, with that said, it's important to remember that the fit/feel of a boot is pretty different from the fit/feel of a sandal. For example, the boots may feel tighter, simply because your foot is fully enclosed in material, and therefore may need a little more break-in period than your sandals.

Although it's hard to say exactly over the internet with seeing your foot and having you try the boots on, we'd probably recommend sizing up 1/2 size from your sandal size to account for your socks and feet swelling that often occurs during the course of a hike.

We have also begun to reopen many of our stores across the country for in-store shopping, with additional stores planning to reopen over the next 2 weeks, in case that's helpful for trying on!

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Hi @BillScanlan .  I'm not an REI employee, and I'm not sure if this will help, or only serve to confuse things more, but, I have a pair of Keen Targhee Vent boots (the non-waterproof variety).  I bought these at a Garage Sale last year because I couldn't pass up the deal, and have only worn them a couple times so far, so they are not in any way stretched out or worn.  I typically wear a size 9 or 9-1/2 shoe/boot depending on the style.  These Targhee's are 8-1/2 and fit somewhat loosely on my feet.  Not sloppy loose, but "use thick socks" loose.

Hope this helps.

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