I find it weird that one model says USGS UTM and another say Metric UTM, I think they are the same thing.  Yep, just read on the USGS web page about that, https://www.usgs.gov/faqs/how-are-utm-coordinates-measured-a-usgs-topographic-maps-are-utm-ticks-sho...

Well, I do have several extremely detailed topo maps from germany/switzerland/austria/france (the alps), I never needed to compare their UTM lines with a US printed topo, but then again, the lines don't really need to match.  This is a weird rat hole to go down, I must be really bored this morning.


It's been my experience, that any gadget offering scale/template features are problematic, because they assume an exactly measured map print-out which would line up with your map's UTM points.

my point being, just think about how any set scale is going to line up with whatever paper map you use, and figure it out at home, before venturing out.

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