First time here on REI forums, but joined in 1972 and backpacked for 32 years, a lot of it solo.  Read a lot about gear but realize only YOU can determine what works for you, especially about keeping warm.  A lot of the "lightweight" crowd are young men who have unreal metabolism and I, being a cold sleeper, would risk hypothermia with following as little as they take.  Working at a backpacking store for 3 years 80% of the women admitted to be colder than their partner.

Understand that clothes and sleeping bags are NOT WARM.  A thermometer in them would record ambient temp.  The key to keeping warm is regulating the source of heat=your own body.  There are 5 ways a body looses heat: evaporation, conduction, convection, radiation, and respiration.  Clothes will control several of those but the actual heat comes only from food and drink and conserving what heat your body can generate.  I think this is the most important thing to know about beginner backpacking.  Also pay attention to your gut, it can talk to you about who feels safe to talk to, what place feels safe to camp.  Leave the earbuds at home, listen to the silence and experience the real world.  Pay attention to your surrounding and check your PAPER map often (every half hour, at times)  to verify location.  Study what you fear to minimize that fear and know you can do it.