@REI-JohnJHappy New Year! back at you!

agree, good topic, definitely time to start planning warmer weather trips.

So far...I'm definitely planning to go backpacking in the Bridger Wilderness for at least 10 days, probably first part of July. Maybe try to schedule it around their Rendezvous Days and Rodeo, which I keep forgetting to do.

High on the wish list is to restart the JMT in August, the section from Kearsarge Pass (Independence, CA) to Yosemite, before I 'age out'.  Permits for August become available at the end of Jan, so I'll get them, then have many months to figure it out.  Biggest factor, besides acclimatization, is smoke from wildfires, I won't go if there is smoke, I'm in that age category that is really affected by smoke. Twice I've been choked off the trail.  Also a change in plans, will be to buy a 1 way ticket to Reno, so I can relax and only have to worry about food resupply and not meeting a flight deadline.

Maybe get out to the Grand Canyon in the spring, maybe Utah.

If Canada reopens this summer that could cause a major shift in plans.  Getting permits for back-country campsites would be the biggest challenge.

I've had the wonderland trail on my radar for a few years, when are you thinking of going?

I highly recommend Iceland's Laugavegur(hot spring) trail, about 35miles or so, can be done quit easily in 10K days, stopping a manned huts each night.  Can stay at huts or just backpack.  I was pleasantly surprised how easy the logistics were, once we got it figured out.


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