Great post, @REI-JohnJ - it also helps with accountability, too, when we publicly declare our goals (I, of course, have no illusions that any of us here will actually remember each others goals several months from now  LOLOLOL).

But, in that spirit, I do have a few goals:

  • Two backpacking trips:
    • Loyalsock Trail in PA
    • Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois
  • Either sections of the Colorado Trail or the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim trail. I separated these out because as much as I really want to do one of them, it won't bother me if I can't fit one in this year.
  • Buy a kayak and, it should go without saying, actually go kayaking! My wife isn't really on board with this yet but... she is on board with buying a 3-D printer. You see where I am going with this, right? 🤣
  • Walk/hike/backpack a minimum of 250 miles in 2021 (intentional exercise, not counting just everyday activity and movement).
  • Complete my first 20 mile day hike in more than 30 years!
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