I love this question! Looking forward to hearing what other people have their eyes set on.

I'm not a straight-forward resolutions person myself, but do always have a few general ideas that I'm excited about. 

  • Skiing: The more dawn patrols, the better! Bolton Valley is thirty minutes from my front door and I'm trying to make use of it every chance I get (bonus points if coffee is a requirement)
  • Biking: Once snow is gone, I'm hoping to do some longer day trips on the impressive gravel around Vermont, using sections of the Green Mountain Gravel Growler loop as an inspiration and guide
  • Climbing: Aim to get scared on sends up at Marshfield Ledge - getting scared will be a given, but the sends I'll have to try hard for!

@seekristentravel@ayhunt@POCOPAM@CarissaCournoyer@bryndsharp - you all have mentioned some exciting moves, ideas, and plans recently! Any outdoor goals or hopes for 2021 you want to share?

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