Hey @TomV , some great points.

Same situation between me and my significant other, I'm hot she's cold.

Anyway, something interesting has happened a few times to me in the last 4 months.

When I first get into my tent after nightfall or whenever, I'm ok and am able to heat up my quilt.

But...I've been deliberately camping places I can see the horizon to take night photos, and after about 45min to 1hrs, I've gotten cold again, and when I get back in the tent and under the quilt, I have the darnedest time warming up again, like it's time to pull out the hand-warmers or heat up some water for the bottle.

So I find layers don't necessarily work if I'm not generating any heat. I know, my problem.

But who wants to do jumping jacks or pushups at 1am? (lol)

oops, should mention temps were in the 35-45f range, and I'm just sitting in my camp chair taking photos with the camera on the tripod next to me.


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