One of my favorite campfire stories involves a Great Smokey Mountain NP thru-hike with my sons, then 11 and 12, back in the 80's.

We had been warned, that if we encountered any bears - do not run!, just try to 'look big' and walk calmly on.

Well, sure enough, walking thru a large meadow we spotted a single bear, walking along side of us about 200' away.  Soon it fake charged us.

So of course we ran, with me leading the way... the bear, mercifully turned away when we did not drop our packs.

And yes, that old story about 'you don't need to be faster than the bear, just faster than your partner' did occur to me!

It is a great memory and a good laugh for all of us!

I don't remember how, but we managed to snap a photo.

4.jpgthat black blob is Mr Bearthat black blob is Mr Bear014 copy 4.jpg015 copy 4.jpg015 copy 5.jpg

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