Hi @Serenity_Luna !  Good question, and, I'm surprised you haven't gotten more responses yet.

So, I participate in several sports, a couple of which have been curtailed by Covid.  Below is a list, in no particular order.

  • Flag-football - pre-Covid - local rec league - was playing every Saturday morning, spring and fall seasons
  • Volleyball - pre-Covid - local rec league - was playing 2X per week, year-round, both indoor and outdoor
  • Disc golf - ongoing - whenever I get the urge and the time.  Play alone and with friends 
  • Hiking - ongoing - Try to do a day hike of 5-15 miles every weekend, some shorter hikes occasionally after work, year-round
  • Biking - ongoing - Try to do a ride of at least 15 miles every weekend, usually longer, with occasional weeknights and some destination trips.  Spring, summer, and fall.  Mostly on Rail Trails
  • Pub Trivia - can this be considered a sport?

I have done some combination of these sports since I was a kid, but have made it more of a "lifestyle" throughout my adulthood.  I do it for fun, for the socialization, and for the exercise. And, it's funny, you'd think that with all this activity, I'd look like an athlete, but, no, I have the typical "Dad-Bod".  I guess that's due to the cold, frosty beverages enjoyed at the conclusion of each activity.  🍻

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