Of course the worst part of this new virus is the loss of life, but as I run errands and pack for my camping trip I am seeing more and more businesses struggle. This economic death is second in my concern during these uncertain times.  It would be nice if REI could have a fresh welcoming webpage reminding us of all the things we CAN still do.  Trees, oceans, lakes, and snowy mountains can't give us COVID-19.  We might want to drink more water, wash our hands more often, and get enough sleep, but after that getting outside and having fun is maybe even more essential now. I turn on the news and it's really depressing. If I turn to REI (store & online) it would be nice to see how they are "making lemonade".  As spring time brings us more blue skies and warmer days there is a stronger eagerness to get out and explore.  Thank you for opening up communication on this topic.  I think your 3rd bullet point would be a great question for each store to try to answer. 

Elizabeth Landau, Member since 2006