I do not stick to one brand and I really do not take price into the consideration, I consider how much it will be used.  I'm not a label person.  On sleeping bags and down jackets and pants I look at the fill (500, 600, 700, 800) and then the weight.  If I am choosing something ultra light I want about half of the weight of a bag in down.  Preferably goose.  In jackets I am looking at the cut, the outer material (Gore-tex and Pertex are winners for me as I live in Alaska).  I consider the activity and not just the ratings or brand.  For instance the Ice Fog Down Overalls from Duluth Trading are warming and more comfy than my Northface expedition suit and my $250.  Outdoor Research Mitts are used if only just for the liners in the Spring and Autumn and the whole she-bang in winter. I have not found any as good although I have tried!  Considering they are three years old and have been worn thousands of times the mitts are now paying for themselves in overtime use.  Buy what is comfortable and fits your lifestyle.  Its should not be all one matching brand, unless thats your thing or your sponsor.  There is so much good gear to explore!