Hi everyone.  I was recently reading the article in Uncommon Path titled "What Does It Mean to be Outdoorsy?" and it made me rethink all the different activities I enjoy. 

Yesterday, I spent the largest part of the afternoon navigating a huge local corn maze with family and friends, followed by picking apples in the farm's orchards.  Between walking my dog, the maze, and wandering through the orchards, I logged nearly 10 miles of walking, and had lots of fun in the process! (not to mention a 1/2 bushel of fresh apples)

For myself, in addition to the typical things I partake in, like hiking, biking, kayaking and camping that are considered Outdoorsy, I enjoy disc golf, ropes courses (like Go Ape), beach volleyball, flag football and outdoor music festivals.  Heck, I even enjoy mowing my lawn...sort of...sometimes...

I've mentioned some of these in passing in previous posts, but thought it might be interesting to see what other "Outdoorsy" people are into.  What outdoor activities do you enjoy that don't fit the standard mold of being "outdoorsy"?


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