Greetings Everyone!

Does anyone know what ever happened to the REI Sahara brand black tee shirts?  They used to be a standard stock item at all their stores.  They are available in some colors... but not basic black.  REI got me hooked on them 20+ years ago, then "poof" they are gone.  I've worn them backpacking, mountain climbing, skiing, assisting at my daughter birth, and under a blazer.  Every few months I check the website, to no avail...

You may say "get over it" or go with some odd color like pasty face yellow, or murky water blue, but it's just not the same.

Bring back the black!


Hi @Amysdad - Thanks for reaching out! 

We are glad to see you have enjoyed your Sahara t-shirt so much — you have certainly done an impressive list of activities in it! We aren't expecting these in black for the rest of this year, but we are going to pass your feedback along to our product team for future consideration.

While there aren't any available right now, you may want to check the Used Gear page from time to time, as one of them may become available there. 

Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback with us. We're happy to have you here in the community. If you ever have additional questions, want to share your expertise with others, or continue to share feedback on the products you love, this is a great spot for it. Thanks!


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