Our team is working on a project here in Bali pertaining to connection with nature and the source of our food.  It's called Astungkara Way and our goals are to regenerate soil quality and encourage youth to return to their ancestral land as natural farmers to chart a healthier, more connected, and regenerative way forward for this beautiful island.  We have established partnerships with farmers from coast to coast that are taking regenerative action and we're linking them all together with a pilgrimage trail so that visitors to this island can connect and learn from the ingenuity of indigenous Balinese traditions and practices, while participating in regenerative action.  Our team of young Balinese agriculturalists and trail guides are eager to welcome future tourists to Bali to experience this island in a new and transformative way - both for the pilgrim and for the ecosystems and communities they will interact with.  Our project is called Astungkara Trail and to begin with it is a 10-day, 130km walk from south coast to north coast.  I hope that members of this group will be intrigued by our work which directly supports local communities and ecosystems and come to visit us when our current lockdown is lifted.  If this sounds interesting, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss more.  I am the founder of Astungkara Way.